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Who We Are

And why we do what we do.

At Improv we believe passionately in working with our clients to help build their businesses. One of the ways we do this is by ensuring that regardless of your organisations size you have access to our full suite of product features. Additionally, we strive to find that perfect balance between ease of use and functionality. Going that extra mile (or two) to make complex billing processes simple. We make a great billing system. We know it will make your job easier and allow you to focus on growing your business.

Billing Services

We cover a wide range of billing scenarios:


Whether it be electricity, gas, water or telecoms we have utilities covered. The system maintains all your metering assets. Is able to import metering data in various formats. For example NEM12. You can use this data to create bills based on customisable tariffs. The tariff engine is extendable and can support prepaid, postpaid and customer credit scenarios.

Embedded Networks

We can assist even the smallest embedded network client. Enabling them to quickly and easily establish embedded networks. Without the large overheads and upfront costs. If you require a full end to end service then we can help. Improv partners with one of Austrlias largest metering companies to provide a full service from customer aquisition through to billing and customer support.

Solar PPA

Improv integrates seamlessly with solar monitoring solutions, inverters and batteries to enable us to provide custom PPA billing based on energy generated, consumed and exported. We provide custom billing solutions for Solar Consultants, Installers and Engineers to enable them to provide flexible PPA solutions to their customers. Whether commercial or residential.

Reseller Services

Our billing platform is soo flexible we can use it in scenarios where you are providing billing services on behalf of other clients. In fact use use our own platform to bill our clients. If you are a large national company providing billing solutions to your clients we have the platform to make your job easier.


The billing system supports the automatic loading of metering data. It also allows clients to refine, customer and extend reports. We also allow our clients to expose reports to their customers. Thus providing brokers with the basis for an analytic type service. Best of all the system can work in a purely analytic mode. You do not need be their energy provider.

Self Storage

Operating a self storage business? Require tools which can automate the process of invoicing, sending reminders and reconciling payments? Want a system which can automate credit card, BPAY, direct debit and direct deposit payments? Want a system which doesn't the earth to establish? Then we have the billing system for you.

Real Estate Agents

Are you a real estate agent in either commercial or residential sales/rentals? In the management of your invoicing, payments, receipts and reminders handled manually? Have tenants which don't speak English? How would you like the invoices and communication to go to them in their preferred language? We can not only help you automate the billing process but also reduce the need for language translation services. All without the large setup costs the big agencies would have spent on their systems.


Still quoting using hand written invoices? Spending time late at night manually reconciling payments? Would you like mobile tools which help you quote on the spot? Would you like invoices sent automatically with emails which link to online payment via credit card? Want to be notified when a customer has made payment? Then talk to us today. We have the tools to get you automated. We can save you the administration headache thus increasing the time you have available to earn money.

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